Cardio. One word that strikes fear into the heart of some people and for others, likely in the minority, gets them excited. Running, jogging, swimming, cycling, rowing. There are so many types of cardio, all of which help shed fat and also build up heart health. Regardless of your feelings on it, the vast majority of people should be taking part in cardio every week. It is essential for longevity and leading a healthy life of vitality.

Cardio Haters Gonna Hate

todd quackenbush E9PJO vL3E8 unsplash 300x151 - Why An Allergy Test Is Essential For PerformanceThe problem is, for many, its just not enjoyable! There is a wealth of excuses that people will use as to why they don’t do cardio, but, in most cases, what it essentially boils down to is that they simply don’t enjoy the strenuous nature of it. What many people can’t see to is the fact that once they’ve been doing it for long enough, it does get easier, and a lot of people would even say it gets more enjoyable (not everyone, though!)

However, for some people, some factors can make cardio difficult long after it should have been getting easier. Despite hours of adherence, for some, it doesn’t feel like it gets any easier. For these people, its time to take an allergy test. Why, you ask? And we will answer!

Symptoms of Allergy

So we’ve piqued your interest. But how exactly does an allergy test help with the much-dreaded cardio? Well, to answer that question, we have to take a look at the symptoms of allergy. One of the most common symptoms of allergy is nasal congestion. When your body responds to an allergen, it inflames the lining of your airways, which, in turn, restricts your ability to breathe. When performing cardiovascular exercise, your heart needs more oxygen in thevictor xok Gi0OMNguFaw unsplash 300x169 - Why An Allergy Test Is Essential For Performance blood to be able to satisfy the needs of your muscles and organs. When you’re breathing in less air, you’re supplying it with less oxygen. This means that your muscles fatigue quicker leading to soreness and a general struggle to perform your exercise at the velocity and level needed to achieve the results you’re looking for.

By identifying your allergies, you can take steps to treat them and ensure that you’re not experiencing symptoms holding you back from that jog to the shops, 5k run, marathon, or Olympic gold you’re dreaming of.

Allergy Test

We have a range of allergy tests to suit your budget. Our blood allergy test are scientifically validated so you can be sure of the accuracy of your results.