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Client reviews

“I have had my whole family tested with Test My Allergy as it only takes a small hair sample. The results were easy to understand and it’s an easy way of getting tested rather than trying to take blood. I have dyed hair and their customer service team told me that wouldn’t affect the results.”

Jeanette Ball – Google Review

“Although it didn’t come back within 7 days (more like 14), I thought the results were very well laid out and helped me to change my diet. Good test, but could be faster”

Williams Rayan – Google Review

Other positive customer feedback:

Quick, accurate, pain free. My doctor recommended this and helped me to create a diet from the results.

Blue Tuliron – Google Review

I wanted a cheap allergy test as I knew I had some stomach problems and this test told me to stay away from dairy. I have listened to the advice and I feel much better.

Rob Wang – Google Review

I was a little skeptical, but this is one of the most accurate tests I’ve completed. The results were sent back to me in less than 7 days and their helpful guide kept me going throughout the recommended diet.

Matthew Robles – Facebook Review

Great customer service and super interesting results! I would recommend.

Eliana Bergman – Facebook Review

Thank you so much. These have helped me feel so much better and I LOVED the results.

Anne Jones – Facebook Review

I have used Test My Allergy every year for the past few years and it’s a great way to track what foods your body should be eating and avoiding. I’d recommend doing this as it’s great to understand your body better.

Olivia Ava – Facebook Review