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Is there anything better than a delicious slice of cake? It’s one of the best pieces of the dessert world, especially when it comes to making birthday cake for a loved one. However, those living with gluten intolerance often feel left out from this celebratory event since most traditional cake recipes call for flour and other gluten-rich ingredients. Looking to make sure that everyone can join in on the fun? It’s not as hard as you might imagine.

Cake options for those with gluten intolerance

The internet has made basically everything more accessible these days. You can now find all sorts of recipes online that will make those with gluten intolerance cheer with delight at their intolerance-friendly focuses. There are a few ways you can search:

•  Recipes with gluten substitutions: There are a lot of websites that will help you source recipes with gluten substitutions in place of the traditional ones. This is great specifically when you want to go with your grandmother’s recipes but need to make them gluten friendly. This is also helpful if you need to substitute something, and it may require more or less than the original ingredient! 

•  Gluten-free recipes: Many, many recipes exist on websites that are entirely focused on gluten-free recipes that will not require any substitutions. If you really want to get into gluten-free baking and cooking, these can offer you the right introduction to it and can also connect you with other like-minded people. 

Recipe ideas

You’ll find a whole host of ideas that can’t all possibly be listed. To get you started on your gluten intolerance baking adventure, however, here are some wonderful gluten-friendly classics that are reimagined.

•  Raw chocolate cake: This is a no-bake cake that focuses on chocolate and hazelnut crust with a chocolate cocoa filling and a decadent chocolate icing that is all gluten friendly. This is great in the hot months where you don’t want to be slaving over an oven.

•  Classic chocolate cake: By relying on gluten-free flour and rice milk, this is a healthy and intolerance- and allergy-friendly chocolate cake that is going to be classic and rich. Wonderful as a birthday cake or even as cupcakes. This also freezes well and thaws quickly for cake on demand!

•  Sponge cakeThis lightweight sponge cake can use whatever filling you think best. It relies on the combination of gluten-free flour as well as las xanthin gum and rice milk. Sine sponge cakes are often neglected; this is a great lightweight option that makes a great dessert that is entirely unique and refreshing. 

Baking — especially when it involves cake — is hard to get right when you are looking at adding in these changes after the fact, but it doesn’t have to be impossible anymore. It simply means relying on recipes designs for those with gluten intolerance. Bon appetit!