Do you regularly find yourself unbuttoning your jeans after meals? Or have you skipped straight to elasticated pants in an effort to stay comfortable while chowing down on your favorite meals? Are you changing the way you dress to cover up bloating whenever you eat out with friends? Have you just accepted feeling bloated after eating?bloated stomach beach body 300x214 - Why Am I Always Bloated After Eating?

You’re settling for a life of symptoms that you shouldn’t have to. Bloating isn’t just something you have to live with. It isn’t normal to feel bloated after eating. This isn’t a way of life anyone should settle for, and there is an answer, a way to wave goodbye to bloating. Your body won’t bloat no matter what you eat, what you’re experiencing is your body reacting adversely to a food sensitivity that is unique to a particular food that your body has problem digesting. But why does food sensitivity cause bloating?

Food Sensitivity Making You Bloated After Eating

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When you eat food, it encounters enzymes along its journey. Enzymes break down food using biochemical reactions, which prepares it for use by the body. A food sensitivity is caused by insufficient or absence of the particular enzyme that breaks down your problem food. As a result, bacteria pick up the slack and break down the food. When bacteria break down food, it produces excessive amounts of gas within the digestive system. This gas then becomes trapped within the stomach, where it causes the bloating that is making you uncomfortable when eating.

Identifying problem foods can be difficult when it comes to sensitivities because symptoms can occur anywhere up to 72 hours after consumption. This means that anything eaten within the 72 hours up to symptoms presenting could be the causing factor. This makes it incredibly hard to isolate a food as the problem. This is where food sensitivity testing comes into play.

Food Sensitivity Testing

The most efficient and accurate way to identify foods that could be making you feel bloated after eating is food sensitivity testing. Using a small amount of blood or a few strands of hair, you can identify foods causing bloating or any of the other common symptoms of food sensitivity. Once you’ve identified your food sensitivities, you can perform an elimination diet to restore your sensitivity levels before reintroducing your problem food into your diet. Find a range of food sensitivity testing to suit all budgets here.