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  • allergic to eggs, egg allergy symptoms

    Am I Allergic To Eggs? 3 Ways to Tell

    While we may not always be in-tune with our bodies, quite often, they can be sending us signals and signs that should alert us to a problem. One of the most common issues that often gets overlooked is a food allergy. Identifying and confirming a food allergy is critical in protecting yourself and your body. […]

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  • Hair intolerance Test

    How Does a Hair Allergy Test Work?

    Before you decide on an allergy test method that works best for you and your preferences, you need to see what’s out there. It only makes sense, right? If you’ve done research online, you’ve probably heard about a skin prick test and an oral test and maybe even a blood sample test. But what about […]

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  • Hair strands at the root, representing a hair allergy test

    Can You Test Allergies Using a Hair Sample?

    There are options out there within the world of allergy testing. The most popular one, it seems, is a blood allergy test. This uses a blood sample to test in a lab against a selection of allergens. The level of the antibodies against each one will identify which allergens are causing a problem. Anyone who’s […]

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