food sensitivity testWOW! What an enjoyable Summer it has been here in the States. We’ve absolutely loved it, and we’re glad our friends from across the pond have been able to join in with us this Summer. We bet you’ve been blasting out those tunes at night time, heading to prom and after parties, having the time of your life! For many of our customers, they have had an incredibly enjoyable Summer, as they have taken part in a Food Sensitivity Test. However, for some of us, it has not been as enjoyable, as those parties have been shortened by their misdiagnosed symptoms.

Misdiagnosing symptoms can not only cause us mental distress as our symptoms will not go away, but they can cause our bodies long-term distress. If you do not want to mistake a cold for a severe sensitivity, then a food sensitivity test is certainly the way to go! This is because having an exciting and wonderful social life is everyone’s dream. Having an undiagnosed sensitivity is not. Want to know more about food sensitivities and allergies, and how you can diagnose them? Head over to

Importantly, we at Test My Allergy do not want you to have your fun ruined. Mistaking a gluten sensitivity for a simple headache is something which could ruin your fun, as could mistaking IBS for lactose intolerance. So, if your favorite food is causing you a variety of issues that you cannot explain, then you should consider a food sensitivity test, and you will reap the rewards.

If you have taken a food sensitivity test, then you will know that it is not the outside BBQ food that is having an effect on you, but rather the build-up of pollen that is causing your symptoms. Remember, knowing either way whether you are sensitive or not can release your mind of the stress and worry that you have been experiencing. If you know not to eat your favorite foods then you do not, and if you know that you are allowed to eat your favorite foods then you do.

Overall, whether they be symptoms of a chronic illness, a food sensitivity, or an allergy, it is important that they are not misdiagnosed. If you let them fester and do not seek help from a health professional, the long-term consequences could be extremely dangerous. Why not take a food sensitivity test with Test My Allergy and identify your food sensitivities today?

If you are considering taking a food sensitivity test, then head over to and have a chat with our excellent Customer Service advisors who are always happy to help you. They are available via LiveChat on a 24/5 basis.