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Our bodies rely on us to treat them right and always do whatever we can to make sure that they are operating at their best. An often neglected part of the equation is understanding our bodies in their individuality. What works for one may not work for another. A prime example of this is food sensitivities. There is some outdated information out there that even doubts the existence of a food sensitivity. That’s why proper education on this underrated nutritional problem is a must.

What is a food sensitivity?

A food sensitivity — otherwise known as a food intolerance — is when your body is physically unable to digest a good ingredient that other bodies can. Common examples include lactose or wheat. These are arguably harmless to other people, but to your body, they may be simply indigestible.

The sensitivity can range from mild to severe that the symptoms or reaction that you have will often relate to the amount of the ingredient that is eaten and how bad the actual sensitivity is for you in particular.

How does food sensitivity test work?

When you are looking at food sensitivity testing, you are going to be using a hair sample that is going to be tested against all sorts of food ingredients so that you can get a fully informative test that is going to help you understand what foods are causing you the problem they are and how severe it may be.

The testing process is done entirely in a lab. You simply supply the sample and wait for the results to come in. Not only will you get access to food sensitivities, but this can also give you an idea of what to expect with non-food items.

The biological sample is tested against a wide selection of hundreds of ingredients and the results are going to give you the severity of each ingredient, where applicable.

One of the most important features of a food sensitivity test — when it’s done with a professional lab such as ours — you’ll be able to see if all of your problems are being caused by one food ingredient, or whether it’s actually a few sensitivities that are creating a problem when you eat a food that has all of them.

Why it’s important

You deserve to live your best life. That means one that is filled with a healthy and happy body, as well as a food-related life that doesn’t involve frustration and avoidance. When you get a food sensitivity test, you are going to be giving yourself the power of better nutrition and worry-free experience when you are trying new meals or eating at a new spot.

Give your body the power it needs to properly take care of you. A food sensitivity test will show you how to best power it, and this will mean a better, stronger and healthier life that will end your food-related woes. Professional, fast, efficient and dedicated to making you feel better, food sensitivity is very relevant and very real.