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Your body works hard to take care of you, and there are going to be certain times when you’ll need to return the favor: for example, dealing with touches of flu or injury or eating right and exercising. However, an often forgotten element of the equation to taking care of yourself is making sure that you are aware of what your body is trying to tell you.

Even if no one your family has them, allergies may be something that is holding you back from enjoying a full quality of life. Allergies don’t always have to be difficulty breathing or severe rashes that send you to the emergency room. They can be moderate or even mild, just enough to make you feel not quite at your best. An allergy test could be exactly what you need to feel on top of your game again.

5 signs you should get an allergy test

1. You’re fearful of new foods: Allergic reactions are scary, especially if you’ve never seen our experienced one before. If you find you are nervous about trying new foods because of a potential reaction, you should consider a test for peace of mind.

2. You are struggling to get all of your nutritional needs met: Avoidance means that you are sticking to guaranteed “safe” foods. More likely than not, this means that you are not meeting the recommended nutritional goals. Since this can lead to poor health down the road, this should lead you to a test.

3. You have strange, seemingly random allergic reactions: If your allergic reaction seems strange or random in how they appear, professional help can give you the support you need in understanding the reactions themselves and what the allergen is.

4. You are frustrated with your food-related life: If you are simply too frustrated to eat because you are focused on avoiding anything potentially reaction-causing, professional testing will give you the help and support you need to take back control over your food-related life. 

5. You’re tired of trying to figure it out on your own: The honest truth is that trying to understand your own allergic reactions is exhausting. Why not get help and support from true professionals on the subject? You’ll reap all of the rewards with none of the effort to make it so. 

There are a lot of people who could benefit from getting an allergy test, but many people assume allergic reactions are no big deal unless they cause wheezing or other indicators of anaphylaxis. But, allergies are still thought to be somewhat mysterious in how the body reacts. Since an allergic reaction triggers the immune system and causes inflammation in the body, a potential allergy should always get proper testing and diagnosis to make sure that you can avoid potentially serious reactions in the future.

While you may not have serious allergic reactions, understanding what’s happening in your body is important to take proper care of it. An allergy test is key to placing the final puzzle piece to better health.