Ready to celebrate Halloween? Are you going out to celebrate with your kids? At Test My Allergy, we can’t wait to get out there and get stuck into that delicious candy? But wait, are we advocating stuffing your face with candy that is bad for you? Of course not. Take a look below at some of the healthy sweets your children can happily consume without worrying about what is happening to their tummies and teeth. We have done some research and have identified three yummy and gummy sweets which are both allergy friendly and also gluten free.

Gluten Free Treats

Take a look below and see how we can help you this Halloween:

1) Candyland

The champions Halloween Selection Pack is gluten free and can be the perfect candy for your kids this Halloween. Make sure you select the right product and check the ingredients carefully! On Halloween, you can avoid your little treasures getting into any trouble by consuming Candyland’s yummy treats. Check out their great range which will be perfect for your kids, especially if they are looking for gluten free¬†foods because they have a gluten intolerance.

2) Cadburys

Screme Eggs! We love these, especially on Halloween! Allergy friendly and from a respected seller, you cannot go wrong with these Screme eggs! These little treats are filled with green slime and can be the perfect Halloween treat to hand out to those who are trick or treating, regardless of your age! So make sure you throw the best Halloween experience ever by dishing out these delicious treats.

3) Haribo

Test My Allergy loves Haribo! We love their candy, we love the commercials and we love the way they provide Halloween themed gluten free treats! Haribo has released an entire range of gluten free tests to fill up the ‘Trick or Treat’ pumpkins such as Horror Mix, Fangtastics and Minions. If you are worried about what your kids are munching on this Halloween, then fear not, just supply with them Haribo! Of course, we believe this should be in moderation, so please do watch the amount of candy that your children are eating.

Worried about what your kids might be eating this Halloween? If you think they may have a gluten intolerance or any other food sensitivities then please head over to to find out more. We love to help out and can think of nothing better than helping your kids to identify their food sensitivities. Order your test here and have a great Halloween from Test My Allergy!