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Too many people commit to a gym membership on day one of their fitness journey. Walking into a room full of experienced weightlifters, runners, cyclists, etc. can be daunting and even put many people off. Everyone who can, should exercise. This is not in doubt. It’s just about how you get started. It’s important to walk before you run. Read to the bottom to see why an allergy test is essential before starting any new diet or exercise routine.

Did you know you can get a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home? As you see the benefits of your new, at-home workout, you may even feel inspired to take the plunge and join the gym. So, here’s a workout you can do every morning to get your day started and begin your journey to a new, fitter you.

Bodyweight Squatssquat allergy test

We’ve all seen the pictures of big, hulking men with barbells loaded with weight dropping down to the ground before struggling to push it back up using their legs to drive the weight back up. Maybe one day you’ll get there but, for now, we’re simply going to go through the movement without the added weight. The bodyweight squat is considered a compound movement.

Start by setting your feet shoulder-width apart. Turn your toes slightly outwards. Keeping your back straight, slowly bring your hips to the ground, bending at the knee. Bring your backside as low to the ground as you feel comfortable with and hold this position for a couple of seconds. Now, slowly bring your body back upwards in the reverse motion of the first part of this movement. Once you reach the standing position, you have completed one rep. Start with three sets of 12 reps and gradually increase as you find the movement easier.

Push-Upspush up

A truly iconic bodyweight movement, the push up is one of the most familiar exercises around. This exercise will target the chest and triceps.

Get into a plank position with hands placed slightly outside of shoulder width. Starting from a straight arm position, slowly lower your upper body, bending your arms at the elbow. Stop when upper arms are parallel to the ground and hold this position for two seconds. Then slowly return to a straightened arm position. Do three sets of reps to failure (where you can no longer perform the exercise). To prioritise the triceps over chest, keep your elbows pinned into your side.

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Bicep Curl

For the bicep curl, you’re going to need to grab something like a can of beans. Hold the can by your side with your hands in a supinated (palms up) position. Using the bicep, draw your forearm upwards to the point where your bicep muscle is squeezed, then slowly lower the can back to your side. To get extra from this exercise, slow down the concentric (downward) phase of the movement.

Single Arm DB Rows

Hold onto that can! We’re going to need it for the single arm DB row which will activate your back muscles. From a standing position step one foot forward, so your torso is at a 45-degree angle to the ground and place your hand on your knee of the extended leg. Now, with the can in your free hand, slowly bring the weight in towards your midriff, keeping your elbow tight to your body. Be sure to use your back muscles to pull the weight up as opposed to your arm. Now slowly lower the can until your arm is fully extended again. Complete three sets of 12 reps until you can perform the movement easily, then add an extra set.

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Take It To The Next Level With Resistance Bands

Once you get more confident with these exercises you can look to add home equipment to your routine. Resistance bands have the equivalent effect of using a barbell or dumbbell and are a good way to add muscular tension to the exercise. You can find a wide variety of exercises online using resistance bands that will help with muscle growth and mobility. Our friends at IdealShape currently have 13% off their entire range for new customers including their 4-star rated resistance bands when you set up an account and use the code “New13”.

Please note: before starting a new diet or exercise routine, it is essential to get a full understanding of your current body. An allergy test will help you determine whether any substances may impede your breathing. It can also help you as you look to change your diet, an allergy test will identify foods that could have consequences on your ability to perform the above exercises. Find your allergy test here.