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food allergies test

Understanding your body is the key to feeling healthy in the 21st century, and with modern medical developments, it’s getting easier and easier to send a sample and be analysed. But how easy is a food allergies test? If your body is dealing with food allergies, once it’s identified, it doesn’t mean that you are going to have too many any changes in your life, however, it may feel that way once you first get your results. It’s about positivity, being prepared and having an open mind. The key to it all is going to be made clear to you by taking a food allergies test.


How do food allergies test work?

An allergy works by examining a sample of your blood as provided by you in the comfort of your own home. We test for food allergy reactions using “an approved in-vitro testing system”. Your blood sample is then exposed to a panel of food and non-food items. If a reaction is recorded, you have an allergy and using IgE blood analysis, this is the most accurate testing available. This is the only way to stop confusing small intolerance with particularly severe reactions that cause you to be seriously ill.

Once the results arrive at the Test My Allergy lab, you’ll be notified what is making you react, and you can adjust your eating habits to avoid the sensitivity (or sensitivities) that you may be experiencing.


How easy is a food allergies test?

One of the main reasons many people choose the Allergy 35 IgE antibody test is because the blood sample is so easy to collect. It arrived in an easy to understand kit with full instructions on how to extract the sample. You then mail the samples off in the provided packaging and wait for the results with our quick turnaround.

If blood samples make you nauseous, wobbly or unwell, rest assure, it’s one small prick and isn’t as invasive as the allergy test as offered by doctors in here in the US. The food allergies test is easy, fast, and offer clear and concise results.

Our allergy testing suggests which foods you should be avoided for any discomfort. Once you understand your food allergies, it’s much easier to change your diet and improve your life. You need to ensure you’re prepared and open-minded to make the changes that the results raise for you in your bespoke report. If you’re ready to take the next step, head over to our concise food allergies test right here.