how allergy testing can helpSensitivities and allergies are incredibly annoying. We all know this and we are always looking for ways to manage our symptoms and looking for them to subside. This is especially because sensitivities can have an impact on your social life. With Summer in full swing, it is imperative that we identify our allergies. Allergy testing and food sensitivity tests help us to understand our allergies and help us to learn how we can proceed in our daily lives. Look below at the tips we have come up with in order to help you deal with your sensitivities as you look to beat the bloat.

1) Battle of the Bloat

No, this isn’t a history lesson, although there probably was a Battle of the Bloat at some point in history. Whether you’re heading down the highway or preparing for the biggest Baseball game of your life, you will experience bloat if you consume foods that you have a sensitivity to. It is a common sign that you have an allergy or a sensitivity and allergy testing is the quickest and easiest way to identify to this. Just when we have to be in the best shape of our life, we end up fighting symptoms that we really don’t want to. Allergy testing and testing your sensitivities will indicate what foods are causing your symptoms, meaning you may have to put that hamburger down (we know you’re eating one, we all are!).

2) Why have I developed a Sensitivity?

You’ve probably overindulged on certain foods. Bloating usually indicates that you have an allergy to a certain food. If you continue consuming these foods, you will continue to bloat, usually when you really do not want to. Our allergy testing procedure tests your sensitivities, examining over 600 different items across an assortment of food and non-food products, meaning you no longer have to worry about the big event bloat! So, put on that uniform proudly, stride out and hit that home-run as you successfully bring the trophy back home for your team!

3) How long does it last?

If it is a sensitivity, it will last until you try an elimination diet. If it is an allergy, ti will never go away, it is just the way it is. Allergies are often hereditary and you will suffer for life. There are ways to cope with this though. Going through our expansive and experienced allergy testing process, you will know exactly what to look out for. Allergy testing and testing for food sensitivities can lead to a brighter and healthier you.

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