food sensitivity testing is important If you suspect that you may have a food sensitivity, then you should consider food sensitivity testing to find out for sure. You will be wanting to know why your body is reacting the way it is to certain plans, and whether there is any way that you can relieve your symptoms. There are some symptoms which are commonly associated with food sensitivities, and there are some which can be a sign of many different conditions. This means it is essential that you identify the root cause of some of your symptoms.

Food Sensitivities

Sometimes you may not even realize that you have a food sensitivity, but that headache or migraine you are experiencing may actually be the result of a food sensitivity. Imagine if you stopped eating a certain food item and your symptoms vanished. How great does that sound? Well, with food sensitivity testing from Test My Allergy, you can identify your food sensitivities and subsequently alter your diet, leaving a happier and healthier you.

In light of this, at Test My Allergy, we have put together some important information which you may find interesting on the causes of a food sensitivity and how to identify your sensitivities. Making you feel more at peace with your body and relaxed, we have listed some of the key symptoms you should watch out for.

  1. Constipation
  2. Diarrhoea
  3. Vomiting and Nausea
  4. Skin Rashes and Eczema
  5. Fatigue
  6. Migraines and Headaches
  7. Bloat
Have you considered food sensitivity testing?

Recognise these symptoms? Yes. Well, you should consider food sensitivity testing as well as a food diary. This is because your test will have highlighted your sensitivities and as such you will be able to know what foods you need to avoid. So, basically, watch what you eat and then link your emotions and feelings with your foods. If a certain food makes you feel uncomfortable and in pain, then it may be that you have a food sensitivity. Remember though, a food sensitivity can reveal your symptoms up to 48 hours later, so a food sensitivity test is still recommended.

If you suspect that you may need food sensitivity testing or are experiencing any of these symptoms, then please do contact our Customer Service advisors on via LiveChat 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.