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Life is so busy these days. There are more responsibilities than ever, and making time for those health concerns that really aren’t critical isn’t always possible. Amongst the craziness of daily life, however, you may want to try and squeeze in time for an allergy test. Why? You may be dealing with a potentially serious food allergy and not even knowing it!

Signs you may need an allergy test

  • You push strange feelings to the side: Whether it’s sudden congestion, an upset stomach, or feeling foggy, you take those untimely feelings and just shove them to the side after you’re done eating. Perhaps you take a large swig of water and just move on with your day. But, these signs are important indicators from your body that should be addressed properly at the time of them happening. 
  • You assume you’re just sick all the time: It’s common to simply feel as though aching joints, migraines or stomach upset are indicators that you’re sick, but if you feel like this is every single day — and yet you never get sick — especially right after you’ve had meal, there could be something more serious going on.
  • You avoid new foods: Since new foods imply potential new symptoms that are going to make you feel worse, you tend to stick with the meals that you know and love. This way, you’ll be able to keep your reaction in tune with your expectations.
  • You feel like food is out to get you: This sounds dramatic, but it could be a serious sign. Some people feel like food is scary when it feels like everything is attacking them. It could create enough fear and confusion that it turns into paranoia regarding food itself. A negative relationship with food, in general, is a common end result of this.

The importance of an allergy test

It’s normal if you’re thinking to yourself: “I survived without an allergy test for this long, I’ll be fine,” but it’s important to take a look at what “surviving” actually means. Are you ignoring systems? Attributing them to other things? Are you simply avoiding all sorts of food because you aren’t entirely sure if it’s going to set off a reaction? These are all familiar details for many people who are ignoring allergies, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can better your life by getting a test and knowing for sure. Since allergies can range from mild to severe, depending on the day and the dosage, it’s important that you know what could be causing a reaction in the first place.

You deserve to enjoy a life free from worry about food and, more importantly, food allergies. Whether any of these signs sound familiar or you are simply looking for the confirmation that you are doing okay as-is, an allergy test can offer it up to you in truly stunning ways that will be all things practical and calming even if you have to carve time out of your busy day in order to make it work.