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be safe from a peanut allergy
A recent article has suggested that 1.8 million kids across the US are affected by a peanut allergy or intolerance. Wow! Are you one of them? Find out by ordering an intolerance test today. Testing over 600 food items, you can find out if you have a sensitivity to peanuts and many other food items! Go on, you know you need to!

Helping you to help yourself

At Test My Allergy, we are always aiming to help you to help yourself. In our blog posts, we like to share current and vital information which will help you identify your sensitivities. Currently, the US has an epidemic on its hands because of peanut allergies. The number of kids with a peanut allergy has risen substantially. The question we want to know is why? Is it because we have previously been misinformed or are peanuts causing us more pain because of the change in ingredients and technology. We have been helping to spread the word about the importance of discovering your sensitivities and coping with them, so we are glad to see people are now taking allergies and sensitivities seriously.

Peanut allergy

If you or your child comes into contact with a peanut then their immune system and body will go into overdrive. This is because it sees the peanut as a threat to its health and wellness. Your body produces antibodies in anticipation for a future encounter with peanuts. Our bodies are very intuitive and therefore releases these antibodies when a peanut is consumed, and if this goes wrong, an allergic reaction occurs.

Get in the clear first

What we are essentially trying to say is that before you start to feed your child peanuts, you should chat with a health professional or a doctor in order to make sure that it is safe and your child does not have a peanut allergy. If you would like to take an intolerance test to identify whether or not your child has a peanut sensitivity, then please click here.

To find out more about food allergies and sensitivities, please log on to and take a look around. If you have any queries about which test might be right for you, our Customer service advisors will be delighted to assist you in any way they can.