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Modern life is tiring, right? You feel busier, with barely any time to stop and just rest. Meetings, lunches, parties, dinners. It’s just non-stop. Is it any wonder you always feel tired? Life just seems like an endless cycle of things to do. But, even when you do get the chance to stop, a week off, a holiday, weekends, the fatigue persists. No matter what you seem to do, it feels as though you’re fighting a losing battle against tiredness. Is this normal? Maybe not…

Could it be that this near-constant state of fatigue you’re experiencing isn’t a symptom of a busy lifestyle, but actually a symptom of something more sinister? Could your body be warning you of a potential allergy?

Allergy symptoms

When you’re living with an unidentified allergy, you’re exposing yourself to a wide range of symptoms which have varying levels of impact on your ability to live the lifestyle you want to. Allergies manifest themselves in several ways, and different allergens can provoke various symptoms. Amongst the most commonly known symptoms are:

  • Rashes
  • Sneezing
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Swelling of the tongue, lips, face or throat
  • Conjunctivitis

All of these symptoms and many more can contribute to difficulty in pursuing and achieving your goals as well as simply living a normal lifestyle. But how does this contribute to you feeling tired? Well, living with any of these symptoms can lead you to feel under the weather and have significant mental health impacts, which can cause fatigue. But more literally, some symptoms can have a substantial effect on your quality of sleep. Poor quality sleep is a crucial contributor to constant fatigue. But which symptoms affect this, and how?

allergy blocked noseAllergies and sleep

Allergies can have a severe adverse impact on sleep. One of the most common symptoms of an allergic reaction is narrowing of the airways. The allergen causes inflammation of the lining of the nasal passages, causing them to swell. When they swell, this leaves a smaller passageway for air to get through. As a result, your body takes in less oxygen. Oxygen is a critical component in your body’s arsenal when it is looking to recover from the day’s activities. Your brain requires oxygen during sleep to be able to recover damaged or overworked cells, so if your brain doesn’t get the oxygen it needs during sleep, your brain can’t fully recover. This can cause a near-constant state of fatigue as you have not appropriately rested. So, now we’ve identified allergens as a potential cause, its time to learn about hair testing for allergies.

Hair Testing For Allergieshair testing for allergies

Now we’ve identified allergies as the culprit causing our constant state of fatigue; we need to know what substance is the allergen. Hair testing for allergies can help you identify your personal allergies and intolerances and reveal with substances causing your persistent fatigue. With just a few strands of hair, Test My Allergy can identify your problem substances from up to 680 of the most likely items. If you would like to undergo hair testing for allergies, we have a range of tests suited to all budgets. You can find them here.