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bloated stomach

If you have a chronic  bloated stomach, it can be so painful to do normal tasks. Your trousers tug on your trousers, it hurts to sit for longer period of times, and nothing fits you properly. The problem is, many people suffer from bloating due to food allergies and intolerances, but as they are undiagnosed, how much attention do people need to give them? 


5 tips to reduce a bloated stomach

If you are always constantly fighting the bloat and you’re looking for a legitimate explanation, many ways could be causing this, but Test My Allergy are here to show you how to reduce your bloated stomach.


•  Avoid swallowing air when eating: It might sound obvious, but when you eat, you’re swallowing air regularly to try and breath and chew. If you’re using straws, talking whilst eating or chewing gum, these could all be exacerbating your bloated stomach. 

•  Reduce sugary alcohols: If you’re a fan of a drink, you’re in the 95% of Americans who do. But liquor could be some of the problems, the sugars in these drinks could be reacting, particularly if you’re consuming more than the recommended daily allowance. Cut them out and see an improvement. 

•  Avoid Constipation: Easier said than done? If you’re struggling to digest food, then your stomach is going to fill up and bloat you out. Eating a high fibre diet, keep moving and go to the loo regularly. Watch that tummy flatten. 

•  Enhance your diet: Taking probiotics, eating a varied diet full of fruit and vegetables and using peppermint oil can all reduce your bloated stomach. Anything containing an antispasmodic can stop your muscles in your digestive tract from spasming. 

•  Find out your food allergies and intolerances Understanding your body will allow you to know what you need to avoid. Did you know your bloated stomach could be symptoms of lactose intolerances, too much gluten in your diet, or a bad reaction to many other food items. 


A flatter, firmer, more comfortable less bloated stomach could be yours by making the changes above. If you think an allergy or intolerance test could be what you need, then speak to our LiveChat customer service team available right now to get an expert opinion.