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Why get tested?

The growing issue of allergies

The numbers facing allergies, sensitivities and intolerances is on the up.  Up to half the US population, it has been reported, could be afflicted with an intolerance or sensitivity to an allergen.

Potential intolerances and allergens include food stuffs, chemicals involved in food production, wheat, gluten, dairy, lactose and nuts as well as airborne allergens such as pollen and dust mites.

Typical symptoms of intolerance include digestive discomfort such as bloat, excess gas, diarrhea, as well as fatigue, headaches and skin irritations such as eczema.

The knock on effect for their lives can be disruptive, causing not only discomfort but distress.

Getting an accurate test

Obtaining expert testing and diagnosis is invaluable for many sufferers.

By matching the substances you are sensitive to, you can take the necessary steps such as changing your dietary habits, or avoiding situations where allergens are to be found.

Are you worried your diet is haviing an adverse effect on your well being?

Our one-step tests 600 items including food and non-food items Our allergy tests will give you the information you need to break free from your symptoms.

Free guidance on starting and monitoring progress on an elimination diet

28 days of free expert support

Our individual tests

Test for individual use. Postage charges apply.

Our couples tests

Test for two people. Postage charges apply.

Our family tests

Test for four people. Postage charges apply.