christmas dinner and bloated stomachThe winter season can be very busy and very exciting, especially with those family dinners and everything else coming up! We also believe there is an important date in our diaries around the end of December, did you know about that? Well, we want you to enjoy it as much as possible! So make sure you heed the advice of many professionals around the world and identify your food sensitivities today, as they could be the reason behind your headache, bloated stomach or a runny nose.

There are plenty of distractions to keep us from focusing our own health this Winter, but it is vital that we look after ourselves. Eating foods that our body cannot tolerate, however tasty they are, is not a good idea. No one wants to be feeling sick after a big dinner with all our families so make sure you don’t eat anything that you are sensitive to.

The Aftermath

Identifying your foods is important but it is also important that once you have identified your sensitivities, you have a plan afterward. This includes an exercise plan. Once the holiday and the festive season is over, we tend to find ourselves a lot less motivated to continue in our exercise. As important as eating healthy is, you should also exercise. Lots of us like a traditional walk on Christmas Day, but you should also organize your fitness plans for the New Year and all those other dates. Don’t let your diet and healthy eating habits fall by the wayside, or that bloated stomach may begin to show again. One way of testing whether or not you will get a bloated stomach would be by taking a food sensitivity test.

Diet and Exercise Tips

Take a look at our tips next week on how you can optimize your diet and increase the chances of you keeping off the weight in preparation for the warmer months. During the holidays, we find ourselves so busy finalizing the holiday plans that we forget to eat well and exercise. Make sure you put your healthy habits first and come up with a plan!

Research has indicated that up to 20% of the United States population getsĀ a virus or an allergy each year, and this is because they have not optimized their health. If you have a runny nose or a headache, it could be because of a food sensitivity, so make sure you order a test today and get rid of one less worry! Keep an eye out for next week’s blog on finding out how you can keep the weight off this Christmas!

For more information, please log on to and find out how you can keep the weight off this winter. If you have your mind set on ordering a sensitivity test (of course you have) then please click here!