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After the test

What happens after your allergy test?

After we test your sample in our lab, your results will come in a detailed results report. Covering four pages it will show the probable allergens that may be causing your symptoms, against over 600 items tested.

Some online allergy test providers stop there. But we believe that there are clearly vital steps to take after you get the results, which need proper thought and attention.  That’s why we provide expert guidance for our customers in making the right changes to their diet or lifestyle, so that they can finally break free from their troubling symptoms.

Eliminating problem foods in your diet

Together with our comprehensive results report, we will send you a full guide on how to kick start an elimination diet along with the best ways to record and monitor your progress.

Through this you will finally get to know precisely what foods you should avoid that could bring on any discomfort such as bloating, headaches, nausea or any digestive problems. This will help you regain the confidence to enjoy the experience of eating again without any worry, whether at home or dining out. 

Free expert support throughout testing and afterwards

We are here to answer any questions you may have, not only when you take your test but when you embark on making any changes later on.

After we send you your results, our experts are on hand to offer free email support for up to 28 days. It’s the reassuring support that gets you reassuring results.

Start the first step in relieving your symptoms.

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