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bloated stomach from food sensitivitiesSo, is there a relationship between food sensitivity and a bloated stomach? That is one of the burning questions as many individuals try EVERYTHING to get rid of their bloat but the last point of call is usually their diet. This should always be your first point of call, as a bloated stomach can be caused by food sensitivities. However, it is important that you rule out an allergy or a food sensitivity as bloat can often be a sign of other healthier issues

If you have suffered badly with bloating but have not identified what is causing these issues, then you may have a food sensitivity. Take a look below at how you can manage your sensitivity symptoms, but be warned, it may involve eliminating food from your diet!

Remove culprit foods

Food sensitivities are more common than most people realize, and you may be one of the many people living in the US that as unidentified sensitivity or allergy. Once you have identified your food sensitivities, there are ways to cope with your symptoms, whether it be a runny nose or a bloated stomach, and if you successfully munching on the culprit, your bloated stomach will disappear.

Is a Bloated Stomach common?

One of the more common symptoms of a food sensitivity is a bloated stomach. It makes us feel awful, and affects our confidence, especially before a big event. Our customers often complain about bloat or headaches, and these symptoms are often because of food sensitivity. As one of the more common symptoms, bloat can affect both men and women worldwide, the causes and reasons behind a bloated stomach are not always easily understood. Check out some of the other symptoms below:

Causes of Bloat

If you want to get rid of your bloat then you can order a food sensitivity test which will help you to learn what might be causing your bloat. Food sensitivity can often cause bloat, but so can gut bacteria, food intolerances, impaired gas handling, and even small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

Remember, you can find out what is causing your bloated stomach or any other symptoms you may be experiencing by ordering a food sensitivity test. Find out more about food sensitivities by logging on to