Christmas and other holidays bring light, love, and laughter to our homes. If you are starting to prepare for these festivities, there is one important detail to remember: the possibility of discovering allergies over Christmas. Thinking about something as specific as that seems strange, but it happens more than you’d think! Below, we’ll explain why it happens and how environmental and food allergy testing can help. Plus, we’ll share some tips for making the most of your holiday season.

What are festive allergies?

For our discussion today, festive allergies are those allergens we come into contact with, specifically around the holiday season. It doesn’t mean we can’t come into contact with them throughout the rest of the year. But instead, we don’t realise they are problems until this time of year. For example, food allergies come from new food, drink, or cross-contamination. Chocolate manufacturers, for example, often have to put cross-contamination on their chocolate variety packs that are designed for the holiday season.

There is another type of allergy, too, which is seasonal allergies. These are often dust, mould, and pollen that we bring into our homes on a Christmas tree. Since this is the only time of year that we bring nature into our homes, this is why these allergies can flare up during the holidays.

Discovering allergies over Christmas

So, it’s common to discover that you have allergies over Christmas and holidays. It’s the time of year to try new things. Most people wouldn’t even consider getting food allergy testing before heading to a holiday party. Whether you’re concerned about seasonal or food allergies, it is a good idea to consider allergy testing before the holidays though. No one wants to spend any of their precious family time dealing with allergic reactions.

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This leads us to the inevitable question. How can we determine or avoid Christmas allergies? You’ll find that your best choice will be getting in touch with your body and understanding what it likes, dislikes, and more. Here are a few tests to help you do just that.

Essential allergy test

If you want to look into the world of food allergies, an essential allergy test will offer results against 38 allergens. This is a wonderful choice for anyone who is learning about allergies for the first time, especially.

Basic intolerance test

If food intolerances are more of a problem or a suspected problem, then a basic intolerance test is a smart choice. This test uses 80 items for testing and gives you a comprehensive list of results to help you make better digestion-related choices.

Blended allergy and intolerance testing

If you can’t decide which you want, get both — and more. Blended allergy and intolerance testing can provide you with allergic and intolerant possibilities. This is the best of both worlds. It also expands its testing further 78 items tested! This is great for those with allergies or intolerances beyond the most typical ones.

What’s more, environmental and food allergy testing are great gifts for those people in your life who are hard to shop for. They are also wonderful and thoughtful ideas for those health-conscious loved ones. There’s no one on your list who won’t enjoy the convenience and thoughtfulness of these gifts!

Food and environmental allergies over the holidays

Are you feeling a little apprehensive now about the possibility of holiday allergies? We understand. Here are some tips to prioritise safety during the holiday season to keep it as merry and bright as possible.

Since allergies can appear at any point in life, always know the symptoms of an allergic reaction. Safety is always essential when it comes to allergies. Understanding what one looks like or feels like and what to do about it is a great general health tip!

Some major allergens have to be listed. This list includes dairy, eggs, fish, sulfites, peanuts, sesame, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, and wheat). Be ready to check labels and ingredient lists everywhere you go. As mentioned, the holidays can mean processing changes and unique ingredients. Always be careful. You should always check to be sure something is safe to eat. When in doubt, skip it!

You’ll want to have medications and auto-injectors if you have allergies. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. This is especially so with health and safety, especially over the holiday season.

We hope you and your loved ones don’t discover holiday allergies. But, if you do, you’ll now have the testing and the information to help you do what you must for safety, comfort, and a healthy approach to your holiday diet. From there, it’s onward with the holiday spirit and back to enjoying all the festive treats and adventures you love. Remember we’re here to help you give the gift of health this Christmas!