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“Last time we went here, I felt ill” you find yourself saying, as you peruse the menu for the restaurant you’re going to. You’ve consulted Dr Google and, having ruled out impending death; you think you may have a food intolerance.

Below we look at some of the most common symptoms you would encounter living with food intolerances.

1. Diarrhoea

Dreading the upcoming family meal because you’re worried yet another bout of diarrhoea will strike you? These occasions should be stress-free (well, free of stress caused by food intolerance) and enjoyable. If you’re spending most of the meal sat on the toilet, it can cause embarrassment. Most food intolerances cause this unwelcome symptom. You can identify the food intolerances sending you to the bathroom with our tests.


2. Gas

Another socially awkward symptom that accompanies food intolerance is excessive gas. There’s nothing worse than being amongst friends and being unable to enjoy the moment as you struggle to hold in flatulence that has the potential to clear the room. Excessive gas also leads to bloating, which can make you feel self-conscious in that new outfit you’ve been looking forward to wearing. Identifying the culprit food intolerances using one of our tests can help you enjoy your social life.

social life 2 300x200 - Food intolerance; is it ruining your social life?

3. Headaches

Heading out for drinks with friends, but even daylight is causing you searing pain? Headaches, while a fact of life for many, are made more frequent by food intolerance. Trying to make conversation, even with friends, is difficult when you have a headache. Being aware of your food intolerances can be the difference between bailing on a night out and the best night of your life. You can take one of our food intolerance tests to make sure you’re the life and soul of the party.

4. Nervousness and Anxiety 

“What if the night is a disaster?” “I’m sure she doesn’t like me, look at how she’s looking at me.”, “Nobody even likes me. Why am I bothering?”. Anxiety in social situations will ruin a night with friends. Food intolerances cause nervousness and anxious thoughts. With social pressures as intense as they’ve ever been, the last thing you need is to have them exacerbated by the food you eat.

How Can I Identify My Food Intolerance?

Set yourself up for your next social event by identifying the foods putting a downer on your experience with our intolerance tests.