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How allergy check kits work

At home positive/negative allergy (IgE antibody) test

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to determine if allergies are the cause of your symptoms we have the positive/negative home test kit that gives you an answer within 39 minutes.

If you are unsure of what items are causing your body harm, but suspect that an allergy is the cause, our at-home Allergy Check Kit can give you a positive/negative results which allows you to then either take a further test (Allergy 35) to determine the exact cause or seek further medical advice.

This fast and cost effective test is easy to use and gives you results within 30 minutes without the need for a medical practitioner or sending a sample to our lab.

The Allergy Check Kit is a clinically proven blood test which measures the levels of IgE in your blood, confirming or discounting whether an allergy is the cause of your symptoms.

This self-screen kit will be sent directly to your address with  all the information and instructions needed to take your blood sample with a small lancet and develop your results.

Review the easy 6-step instructions here

What will I receive?



Sealed Test Unit (CE approved)

Providing you with a IgE blood test result of Positive or Negative.


Sterile Finger Pricker

Fast and virtually pain-free way of blood collection.


Blood Collection Tube

To collect your sample prior to placing in the testing unit.


Instruction and Interpretation Leaflet

Helping you complete the test and understand your results.

Your results

Following the provided instructions, your testing kit will generate a Postive or Negitive result to raised IgE levels in your blood (an indication of allergies).

Features and benefits:

  • Tests sensitivity to a range of allergies.
  • Easy to use in just 6 simple steps provided in the instructions.
  • No need to wait for a doctor’s appointment.
  • Results available in 30 minutes.

Allergy testing is important as it stops life-threatening symptoms from presenting themselves. This is because you are able to avoid certain foods thanks to an allergy test, resulting in you being able to alleviate your symptoms.


Using blood-spot sample - Our most accurate scientifically-validated Allergy & Intolerance testing on IgE & IgG4 antibody reactions from an easy to use collection kit shipped free to you. 

'Voted Best Overall Blood Allergy Test by Verywell Health'

SAVE $20.00


1 Person

Was: $59.00

Now: $39.00

  • A rapid at-home indicator of Allergies (IgE) to use as a first step investigation.
SAVE $44.00


1 Person

Was from: $139.00

Now from: $95.00

  • Home-to-lab Allergy (IgE) test of 35 food and environmental triggers.
SAVE $62.00


1 Person

Was from: $189.00

Now from: $127.00

  • Home-to-lab Intolerance (IgG4) test of 80 common food and drink triggers.
SAVE $90.00


1 Person

Was from: $259.00

Now from: $169.00

  • A full screen of 70 combined Allergy (IgE) & Intolerance (IgG4) triggers.

Available in single, couple and family saver packages.


Sample Collection Kit Sent

Results in 5-7 days of receipt

Scientifically Validated Testing


Using hair Sample - Bio-resonance screening of a hair sample against 800 food and non-food items providing you with a comprehensive report on triggers over 85%.

SAVE $30.00

Core Final Revised (2)

1 Person

Was from: $63.00

Now from: $33.00

  • A first step to understanding more about your body with this basic test.
SAVE $34.00

Premium food sensitivity test

1 Person

Was from: $85.00

Now from: $39.00

  • Designed to give you the widest set of results at great value for money.
SAVE $64.00

Couples Premium Final revised (1)

2 Person

Was: $122.00

Now: $58.00

  • Make savings for two people on our most comprehensive test.
SAVE $70.00

Family Premium Revised (2)

4 Person

Was: $169.00

Now: $99.00

  • Our best saving package for four people on largest screening of items.

Available in single, couple and family saver packages.


Downloadable test submission

100% Money back guarantee

Over 250,000 tests completed

Take the next step to relieving your symptoms.


Order your test today…

1 - How allergy check kits work


Select the test to suit your own or family’s needs and order online.

2 - How allergy check kits work


Look out for your order confirmation by email. Download your sample form.

3 - How allergy check kits work


Complete the form and pop it in the post with a sample of hair.

4 - How allergy check kits work


We’ll send you the results in a clear comprehensive four page report.

What happens after I receive my results?

Once you have received your report, the first step is to try eliminating the suggested catalysts from your diet.
We provide FREE support on:

Embarking and gaining progress on an elimination diet