Allergy Check Kit


  • At home allergy indicator test kit.
  • Assesses Total IgE in your blood as an indicator of allergies.
  • CE Mark approval.
  • 96.6% accuracy of results
  • 30-minute finger-prick test giving you a positive or negative result.
  • Discover if your symptoms are related to IgE allergies.
  • Your results are then generated into an email report or direct to the Free Global Sciences app on a Apple or Google.

'Voted Best Overall Blood Allergy Test by Verywell Health'

Please note: This test is not suitable if you have rheumatoid disease (arthritis).

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Unsure if your symptoms are related to allergies and don’t know where to start? The Home Allergy Check Kit is a clinically proven, finger prick test that detects the level of allergy antibodies or IgE in the blood providing you with a positive or negative indication of whether to test further to determine the type of allergy and to refer the matter to a medical professional.

Easy to perform and providing you with 96.6% accurate results, this positive/negative allergy test only takes 30 minutes or less, in the comfort of your own home.

What is the test?
A 30-minute at-home positive/negative finger-prick blood test for allergies using the detection of raised IgE (Immunoglobin E) in the blood.

Quick & easy
The easy to use allergy check kit is shipped immediately on purchase and should reach you within 5 working days. The kit includes full instructions on how to complete the test in a fast and pain-free manner. The test will take up to 30 minutes to provide you with your results.

Perfect for
If you are suffering from undiagnosed symptoms including skin rashes, migraines, itchy eyes, or vomiting then these could be signs of an allergy. The allergy check kit will help you define if it is an allergy. If you receive a positive result you can then look at the cause of your allergy further with either one of our allergy tests that will identify possible trigger items or take this information to your medical practitioner. Allergies are life-threatening so don’t leave it to chance.

The Test & Technology
Suitable for anyone aged 6 years and over. The Allergy Check Kit is a clinically proven blood test that measures the levels of IgE in your blood, to provide you with a positive or negative result as to whether a genuine allergy is the cause of your symptoms. The test carries a CE Mark confirming that it has been independently assessed by a certified EU Notified Body.

Your results
The test will provide a positive/negative result within 30 minutes allowing you to use this information to either discount allergies as a cause of symptoms or to narrow down the trigger item with either our 35-item lab test or with a medical practitioner.

Once we have received your hair samples, you will be notified by email. Our technicians will process your sample and within 5-7 working days, you will receive an email with your results or direct to the app on Apple or Google.

Included in the kit:

  • 1x Sealed Test Unit
  • 1x Sterile Finger Pricker
  • 1x Blood Collection Tube
  • 1x Developer Solution
  • 1x instruction and Interpretation Leaflet