There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning, and you see an unplanned pimple or even a smattering of acne spread across your face. Acne is a common problem amongst teens and adults alike, and almost everyone experiences breakouts at one point or another. Most of us just cover it up with cosmetics or (while not recommended) pop the pimple and move on with our days. But what if there was a test you could take to clear up your acne for good? There is – a food intolerance test.

How a food intolerance test can help with your acne

It seems strange to look at something like a food intolerance test for something as unrelated as acne, but there is actually a connection between one and the other. It comes back to understanding what a food intolerance is actually doing to your body.

When you have a food intolerance, your body is unable to digest perfectly normal food. When this happens, you’ll deal with an upset stomach, flatulence, and even acid reflux. However, food intolerances can also cause inflammation in the body as well. People can have itchy rashes or just raised bumps on the arm, including eczema, in some cases. If you know anything about inflammation, you know that it is often thought to be the cause of most acne. Therefore, an acne breakout may be due to something you ate.

  • Acne is an example of inflammation: Inflammation isn’t always feeling bloated. Acne is an example of your skin being inflamed from the inside, and the breakouts will pop out on your face or back, particularly where your skin is already prone to the breakouts themselves.
  • Sometimes it can take a while to appear: If you take the test and it tells you that you are intolerant to gluten and you remember not having acne the morning after eating gluten, take a moment to think about the days after, to. Acne can sometimes take a few days to appear as a breakout on the skin, meaning that it ca nee hard to trace the cause back to a certain food on your own.
  • A food intolerance test can help your breakouts clear up: While proper care is important for helping with acne, including the avoidance of heavy cosmetics, proper sebum-regulating cleansers, and more, a food intolerance test and an elimination diet to follow can also help nip the problem in the bud. This will give you ultimate control over your acne, and you’ll even feel better, too.

A food intolerance can cause no end of issues in your body, one of which is acne, especially in those who are already dealing with frequent breakouts and other skin conditions. When you get a food intolerance test — which is easy and convenient — you’ll be able to know where your issues actually lie and then take the steps you need to enjoy a better quality of life from acne to digestion to health. All that’s left is to order your test and start the journey.